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Since its inception, Asbestos Watch Adelaide has earned its’ reputation as one of the most preferred asbestos service providers by executing projects with the highest level of excellence, quality, and unequalled service.

Our company has earned acknowledgement for undertaking arduous residential and commercial projects and providing clients with the best possible value.

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why asbestos testing?

Why we are the leading choice for asbestos services

There are really only two questions you need to ask,

  • We have secured many large and ongoing contracts for clients including local housing authorities, housing associations, and construction companies.
  • We have proven experience in completing complex, high-end, no-fail projects for our clients time after time.
  • We focus on delivering quality while maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

Since asbestos is harmful material, you need to handle it safely. When it comes to dealing with asbestos, hiring a licensed professional is the wisest thing to do. If you need removal or testing services in Adelaide, just contact Asbestos Watch Adelaide. We provide high-quality asbestos services at affordable prices done by asbestos professionals.


I’m thinking of buying a house, but it has asbestos-contaminated vermiculite insulation in it. Should I have it removed before or after I buy the house?

When it is in good condition and left undisturbed, the removal of the asbestos-contaminated vermiculite insulation may not be necessary. However, if the insulation is damaged or not in good condition, we recommend you remove the vermiculite insulation after conducting asbestos testing.

Can I remove asbestos materials myself?

No, it’s not safe to remove asbestos material yourself. The law states that asbestos over 10 square metres must always be removed by a certified and professional asbestos removalist.

3. How much does it cost to remove asbestos from my house?

Asbestos removal cost depends on various factors such as the location and size of the suspected material. The average cost to remove asbestos usually includes waste tipping fees and a clearance certificate. Contact us to get a free quote for your asbestos removal project.

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