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5 Essential Tips You Must Read Before Renovating an Old House

Restoring an old house can be quite a challenge. It is often very difficult to know where to begin or who to turn for advice and assistance. So, when it comes to renovating an old house, it is better to read the tips from the experts. In this article, we are going to give you five tips, which are highly recommended to anyone who wants to restore an old house.


5 Essential Tips You Must Read Before Renovating an Old House


1. Keep the original windows

Windows are main elements and features of old houses. The loss of original windows is perhaps the greatest tragedy that may happen in the restoration process of an old house. Historic windows have been carefully designed to fit the character of the house and are one of old houses’ most important architectural features.

Do you think removing old windows will significantly decrease your energy bills? Don’t believe this myth. Most energy loss in old houses is actually caused by the walls and ceilings. Since many companies are trying to promote their new products, they will suggest you to replace the old windows instead of restoring them – don’t believe them, just restore the original windows!


2. It is reasonable to use moulding

People used to use moulding to make additional spaces.  If you want to get more spaces, you just need to get the right size of the moulding and use different sizes to keep the unique quality of your house.


3. A mixed and matched kitchen

Most historic and old buildings have unique kitchen design. However, as expected, the kitchen is a subject to changes greater than any other room in the house. But before you start changing your outdated kitchen and replacing it with something more worthy of attention in Pinterest, make sure you are approaching a restoration with an understanding of what is suitable for your particular home.

As an example of a case: You live in an old house made in the 1980s, but when you enter a kitchen, you suddenly find yourself in a whole different ambience with a modern kitchen concept. That would be a quite weird combination.

It would be better to combine your kitchen theme with the style of your home.  This will provide a great value with the most timeless quality and long-term value.

And, of course, if your home is keeping functions in your original kitchen, be sure to include them in the repair work. They will be much more appropriate to the nature of your home than the new elements you can imagine.


4. Keep the feature that is telling the unique story of your home

Old houses have history, which gives them a unique character. This character is defined by the great architectural features and materials that have been there since 100 or 200 years ago.  Thus, it is recommended to keep the things that can become a gentle reminder of the way it used to be.

Things such as original equipment, stairs, built-in furniture, fireplaces, tiles and floors are better to be preserved. Even small things matter, like the phone area at the bottom of the stairs. In the past, most families had only one phone, and it was installed in the middle of the house.  If you preserved it, this could become a nice reminder of another way of life.

But if these memorable elements were lost, it would be the most tragic and irreversible thing.  This lost will reduce the value of the house and the original history of the premise.


5. Avoid assembling the rooms

So what advice is there for the rookie renovator? DON’T GO FOR THE ASSEMBLY METHOD! Though it has become one of a popular way in renovating a house, you must not apply it to your old home.

But what does it mean by assembly method?  It means that you plucked all the things needed to create your room.  This is a bad way to do it, as you may not get a uniformed theme.

Instead, know the story or your home and try to speak their language. See examples of similar rooms that were created around the same time as your home. Therefore, no new space is created – instead, your building has the original space it once was.


6. Be careful with asbestos dangers

When you are renovating an old house, there’s always a possibility of asbestos used in the structure.  Therefore, before starting your renovation project, make sure that your house has been inspected by a licensed assessor and all asbestos has been removed.  Afterwards, you can continue your renovation work, as there is no asbestos around.  You do your project without any fear of asbestos exposure.


The last but not the least, make sure you enjoy the discovery.  Be sure to always think it as a fun thing to do.

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