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Is Air Monitoring Necessary?
If you are concerned about your property value, then the answer will be YES. Buildings with asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are not popular in the property market.

The price of a property with ACMs is 30% lower than a comparable building without ACMs.

Through asbestos air monitoring Adelaide services, you can get a real prove that your property is completely free from harmful substances. So, make up your mind now; either to lose your money by selling it cheaper or earn more by doing air quality monitoring jobs.

In fact, you are already in danger by just having fibrous products in your building. Why? Because sooner or later, the friable substances can go airborne when their conditions start degrading. Inhaling airborne fibres can cause numerous aggressive diseases, such as lung cancers. This is why it’s important to check the existence of fibrous materials in your building.

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Asbestos removal works need to be conducted safely in accordance to local and national regulations. Therefore, it’s suggested to have asbestos air monitoring Adelaide services before, during and after the removal work is being conducted. You are highly advised to use services offered by professional contractors to finish such jobs.

About fibre monitoring in SA –

Create Safe Environment to Breathe

Since fibrous materials can’t be seen with naked human eyes, you will never know whether you’re breathing a safe air or not. Thus, the monitoring process is important to ensure your health and safety.

The proper way to handle air quality monitoring works:

  • Cover all of the removal spots
  • Be performed right before starting the removal work
  • Be carried out during the fibre removal work as decided by a licensed assessor
  • Be delivered after removal or decontamination works have been finished
  • Be conducted prior to any enclosure being uninstalled.

The government takes fibre-related issues seriously. They will charge irresponsible people who handle harmful substances carelessly with fines. So, instead of losing your money on criminal charges; be safe and leave all fibrous materials problems to the experts!

Keep in mind: it is dangerous to conduct a DIY testing attempt using marketed kits.

Save Your Lungs: hire the right expert!

Being exposed to fibre substances can lead to severe lung illnesses. Thus, it is important to handle the harmful material in the most secure manner. Always keep in mind that only a pro can deliver fiber-related works safely. Therefore, you have to choose professional contractors wisely to finish your ACM-related problems.

Worry no more, because Asbestos Watch Adelaide is home for professional contractors specialised in handling asbestos air monitoring Adelaide works. We only endorse reputable and reliable A-Class licensed assessors to be our members.

They strive to deliver quality services and to achieve the desirable results both on residential or commercial area. They will ensure your safety by delivering complete and efficient services. Waste no more time; Get connected with our approved members right away!

Comprehensive Services offered by Our Approved Experts

Your safety is our concern therefore we only endorse professional contractors with A-Class Certifications. Every job related to ACM needs to be conducted by following the guidance note from Safe Work Australia. Our members will come and give their best to deliver the works properly for you.

These following services will be delivered by our members:

1. Complete air monitoring

Every step of asbestos removal process needs to be performed along with air monitoring procedure. Our experts will ensure that asbestos removal and testing work doesn’t cause you any harm. They will deliver initial inspection of monitoring in 4 different types:

  • Background : to investigate thoroughly of which area is contaminated with ACMs.
  • Exposure : air sampling inside of your breathing zone.
  • Control : monitor the efficiency of the removal process.
  • Clearance : ensure that there is no fibre left behind in the removal area.

2. Certified laboratory sampling and testing

All of the sampling and testing processes will be conducted by our approved members safely. They will ensure there is no further contamination happens in the area.

3. Summarize the process

After the whole monitoring process is done; Our approved contractors will deliver a brief report which consists of:

  • The information of sampling process completed with the date, time and location.
  • The concentration of ACMs in every location.
  • Summary and Conclusion.

4. Help You Prepare for Taking the Next Step

Our experts will assist you to determine the next step to handle ACM contamination in your property.  They will help you to figure out what’s best to minimise the risk of being exposed to fibres. Your safety is under control by our experts.

Stop underestimating the presence of ACMs and start taking a serious action now! Don’t sacrifice your property value; Don’t sacrifice your health! Through our professional contractors you can have your fibre problems solved completely.

Raise your awareness on the dangers of ACMs; Start making a call or fill in our quote form now to get 100% free quotes.