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Is your business doing enough to manage asbestos?

In Adelaide, there are many cases where companies are fined after being found guilty of exposing their employees to potentially fatal asbestos-containing material (ACM). The incidents often happened during a renovation or demolition project, and when such companies don’t comply with the legal requirements surrounding asbestos management, the fines often follow. Various state regulations state that once ACM has been identified in a workplace, the company or property owner must have a sound asbestos management plan (AMP) to manage the risk of exposure. Don’t let this incident happen to yourself or company!

asbestos management plan Adelaide

If you are a property manager, ensure that your clients and property owners have a proper AMP in place, protecting both owner and tenant. We will connect you with A-class licensed contractors who will assist in developing an excellent management plan tailored to your needs. They will help you with all necessities to manage ACMs at your premise; starting from an initial inspection until periodic reviews.

Our endorsed contractors will conduct a thorough assessment to protect your interests and investments while also ensuring that the health of your employees or tenants are not impacted in any way. Whether you need help to create an AMP in Adelaide for a small or large premise, our endorsed contractors can help!

Contact one or more of our approved members today and ensure that you, or your business can meet the compulsory state guidelines in managing ACMs with an AMP in Adelaide for your property.

Asbestos Management Plan in Adelaide

  • Part 1: Managing a workspace? You must manage ACM
  • Part 2: Here’s exactly why you need to contact our members
  • Part 3: AMP services provided by our A-class licensed contractors
  • Part 4: Safe and efficient AMP solutions

Part 1: Managing a workspace? You must manage fibrous-substance

Up to one-third of commercial and industrial buildings in Adelaide are likely to contain ACMs. Unless these materials are properly managed, employees and maintenance workers may breathe in harmful fibres when carrying out everyday jobs. Having a readily accessible AMP and ACM register can reduce the risk of fibre exposure to your employees.

‘Numerous studies indicated that despite the presence of guidelines and regulations on the safe removal and handling of ACM; some workers continue to be exposed to hazardous fibres due to a lack of awareness of the appropriate procedures required to manage, detect, and remove fibrous materials and non-compliance with existing regulations.’ – Safework South Australia

AMP is a written document that details the measures that are being taken towards managing the risks associated with materials that have ACMs in a property. This plan is required in every non-domestic property that has ACMs. You need this plan after a survey has been conducted and identified ACMs in your property. The plan should be updated continuously as any changes such as building maintenance or renovations occur.

This document explains how the individual that’s responsible of a property should handle the management of ACM identified in that building. It also explains how they intend to protect other people from fibre exposure. Unless removing any fibrous-material from your site, AMP is not a job that can be done once. It is required whenever or whoever may do any work on the building itself. Whether it’s an electrician, plumber, roofer, or 1 of the many trades that are often needed in maintaining a property.

This plan is important because it ensures that:

  • Any material that is known or even presumed to have ACM is kept in a proper condition.
  • Any ACM that is damaged or in a location that presents a risk is removed or repaired appropriately.
  • There are appropriate processes in place to manage and control building or maintenance works that can lead to ACM disturbance. This includes ensuring that individuals are trained properly.
  • Information on condition and location of the ACMs is disseminated to those at risk.

Let’s look at why your business needs an AMP!

Reason #1: Almost any building in Adelaide can have fibrous materials

Fibrous materials can be found in just about every home and commercial structure constructed before the turn of the century. Not only that, but fibrous materials can be difficult for the untrained eye to detect, as the material may have been mixed in with other materials to improve their strength and resistance to the possibility fire, heat or electrical damage.

Types of property that require an AMP:

  • Building used for commercial purposes – offices, shops, factories
  • Buildings frequented by the general public – libraries, hospitals, schools, council offices
  • Common areas in a housing property

Reason #2: Property manager has a duty to care to employees

Property manager must make every reasonable effort to make sure that their clients, tenants or tradespeople are not exposed to fibrous materials. As an example, it might seem unlikely that ACM insulating a wall will affect those within your property, but you still have to be aware of its existence. If an individual puts up a picture on that wall, it could lead to fibre exposure that could have been prevented with a proper control plan bringing about awareness.

Reason #3: Regulations around AMP is strict

If you own a building that was constructed before 2003, then you should have a current AMP, anyway. If not, you’ll want to get an inspection scheduled right away, as there are hefty penalties and fines associated with being willfully non-compliant with the current requirements.

‘As an example, the penalty can be as high as $6,000 for a homeowner and $30,000 for a commercial business in SA’ – Government of South Australia

The pre-inspection will reveal all instances of ACM within and surrounding the structure. A determination will be given regarding which structures are safe to remain in their current state, as well as which instances of ACMs must be removed immediately. These recommendations apply to the structure in its current state.

Part 2: Here’s exactly why you need to contact our members

Our philosophy is simple – connecting you to contractors you can trust. Through us, you will find contractors who fully understand the project requirements, focused on the clients, and highly professional.

Here’s why:

  1. Our endorsed contractors are competent and reliable
  2. All jobs are taken seriously
  3. Our members are dedicated to customer satisfaction
  4. They strive to serve as best as they can

Why? #1: We understand how important it is for you to find a reliable contractor for your AMP needs. This is why we only connect you to A-class licensed contractors who are highly skilled and experienced. Our contractors always take their time to understand clients’ needs and deliver individual solutions. They are highly committed to deliver exceptionally high quality services to develop a comprehensive management plan Adelaide for your business.

Why? #2: Our endorsed contractors take all jobs seriously. That is why they are always professional and upfront about the cost and process of asbestos management plan Adelaide services. We ensure that our endorsed members will treat all jobs in a professional manner regardless of the scope of the project. No job is too big or too small for them!

Why? #3: Their dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets them apart from all others. Our members strive to provide clients with competent, fast, and reliable services at competitive costs. Over the years, our approved members have demonstrated the capability in providing effective solutions and deliver the desired results of clients.

Why? #4: They comply with regulations and legislations, continuously applying competent service, and responding quickly to inquiries based on a commitment to serve the community.

Part 3: AMP services provided by our A-class licensed contractors

Discover how our approved members will work with you to put together an effective AMP:

Service #1: Conducting an initial inspection

A thorough property inspection is considered vital when dealing with fibrous materials. A qualified expert will be able to assess the content of fibrous materials in your construction as well as the extent of its durability.

Our approved members may follow these steps to do an inspection:

  1. They will request an initial meeting to discuss your requirements.
  2. Upon agreement, they will send a qualified surveyor to inspect your ACMs on site and perform a risk assessment.
  3. They will draw a plan of your building and walk around to identify ACMs. They may add recommendations and take photos of all present ACMs.
  4. They will create an asbestos register template and note down on the register each material that might contain ACM. They will also note the condition of the suspected materials (good/damaged).
  5. When the inspection is finished, they will complete the register and present their findings to ensure you understand what is required to maintain compliance.
  6. They will add a date and sign the register.

Service #2: Create an register document

The main aim of conducting an initial inspection is to create a register. The register contains information about the condition and location of the ACMs in your property.

Among the details contained in this register can be summarized as follows:

  • Type of fibrous materials in your building (friable or non-friable)
  • The quantity of fibrous materials
  • The location of fibrous materials in your building (Example: roofing products, fencing, and cement sheeting) More about roof removal explained here.
  • Material assessment (By a thorough checking, sampling, or asbestos testing)
  • Condition

These details can be included in the AMP in different ways. For instance, they can be in electronic format, hard copy or electronic management systems.

Service #3: Develop a practical and effective AMP for your business

Our endorsed assessors will develop a report plan that is understandable and simple. It will address the following:

  1. The person responsible for ACM management
  2. Fibrous material survey or register information
  3. Plans on how the ACMs will be worked on
  4. Monitoring schedule for the condition of ACMs
  5. Sharing decisions with individuals who may disturb ACMs
  6. Proper cleanup methods and disposal procedure

Service #4: Conducting a periodic review

To monitor the progress and effectiveness of the set procedures and processes, the AMP must be reviewed on regular basis against the set timescales. Our approved members will visit your site to re-inspect the ACMs and keep your AMP up-to-date.

The review entails determining the effectiveness of the management plan Adelaide in terms of:

  1. Raising awareness (e.g. awareness training)
  2. Preventing exposure
  3. Controlling and managing maintenance contractors and workers
  4. Highlighting management actions that are necessary to deal with ACMs (As an example: our approved removalists may perform an asbestos removal work for damaged materials)

Part 4: Safe and efficient AMP solutions

When it comes to manage ACM, you need a contractor you can trust. We, as an endorsement company for reputable contractors, will connect you with A-class licensed contractors to develop a comprehensive asbestos management plan Adelaide to ensure that you are managing ACMs effectively. Our approved members specialize all types of AMP services for both commercial, industrial, and also in government setting.

We endeavor to bring you the best experience in finding the right contractor, fast and easy!

Our endorsed contractors are highly experienced in performing fibre works and possess the knowledge and skill to assist you in the development of your AMP. Their team of specialists will walk with you from the first enquiry to the time the project is satisfactorily completed. They will analyse the dangers postured by ACMs at your premise and create the proper method to control them.

We takes pride in our members’ ability on delivering excellent quality services at competitive prices. Let our A licensed experts take care of your asbestos management plan Adelaide needs. Contact one or more contractors through us to assist you in developing the right AMP, ensuring a compliant and safe environment within your property.