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Asbestos: the hidden danger lurking in your roof

Asbestos roof removal Adelaide – In the past, the roofs of many buildings were made of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Fiber substance was popular as a building material because it is strong and can easily be mixed with other materials. The problem is that with time, the top layer of the sheet breaks down and releases fibres to the surface. When these fibres are released into the air, they can be breathed in and can cause serious health risks to the inhaler.

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This is why you should contact a competent contractor to remove fibrous roofing and siding materials from your property. We you professional removal contractors to your commercial, industrial and domestic properties in the greater Adelaide area. Our A-class licensed contractors offer proper removal of fibrous roofing and siding materials, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste to a legal facility.

Our approved members are knowledgeable and highly-skilled; they will extract both friable and non-friable roofing materials from your property efficiently. They can also replace your old ceiling with a new material of your choice, whether colorbond or tiled ceiling that is asbestos-free.Contact our endorsed contractors immediately for your peace of mind since they will remove the fibrous ceiling completely from your building – prompt and right the first time.

Asbestos Roof Removal in Adelaide

  • Part I : Dangers of fibrous roofing products
  • Part II : The safe way to deal with fibrous roofing materials
  • Part III: Services provided by our A-class licensed members
  • Part IV : Your roof solution is only a call away

Part I: Dangers of fibrous roofing products

Up until the 1980s, fibre was used in many roofing products due to its resilience to wears and rusting. Fibre roofing materials can last up to two centuries if undisturbed, which makes it a favorable roofing material during that era.

Additionally, heating tanks and hot water storage reservoirs were clad in asbestos blankets to keep them warm due to the heat retaining properties of the material. Ceiling compartments, as well as wall insulation chambers filled with soft asbestos fibers, also proved to be good heat insulators in countries that experience cold winters.

Even though the use of fibrous products was banned in Australia since 2003, you can still find this hazardous substance in many buildings in Adelaide. It is important to engage a professional removalist when you suspect the presence of ACM roofs at your premises. In the article below, you can see some reasons why you need to contact a professional contractor to remove ACM roofs from your property.

1. Your house was built before the 1980s: The brittle and solid roofing products that were commonly used in the construction of homes in Adelaide in the 80s had ACM. Currently, using fibrous materials in building properties is illegal in Adelaide and the entire Australia.

‘If you have a property that was built in the early 80s or before this time, it might have fibrous materials.’ – Government of South Australia

2. Health hazards associated with fibre exposure: As the use of ACM in various industries grew in the mid to late 1900s, some medical and science researchers noticed its adverse effects on human health. Workers and other people who had been in contact with the material over extended periods developed cancer and other devastating illnesses due to inhalation of asbestos microfibers. These illnesses, which include asbestosis, mesothelioma, and various cancerous growths of the chest and abdomen areas, necessitated the urgency to perform ceiling replacement in Adelaide from all industrial, home, and construction uses.

3. DIY roof replacement can be dangerous: You are actually liable to perform replacement alone if you are removing the bonded type in an area less than 10 m2. Other people such as family and friends can participate and help you to remove it independently. The law and regulation disallow you to seek help or hire personnel who have no license to perform the task.

However, you have to keep in mind that removing it alone might have a long-term effect on your health. The release of fibres into the air is unavoidable, and you won’t notice how much fibres that you inhale. Even under the best circumstances, the whole process can be dangerous and physically demanding. Firstly, when you perform the removal process, you have to breathe through a respirator, which can put additional stress on your lungs. Secondly, special clothing for protection is uncomfortable and hot. Thirdly, eye protection might decrease your visibility when performing the task. Fourthly, there is a risk of falls since the work might involve ladders and high spots. Lastly, working near electrical wires might be dangerous since you’re using water to wet the ACMs.

For this reasons, you should hire licensed experts to ensure a safe fibre roof removal process and keep your family protected from fibrous-material-related risks. Simply have the fibre roofing material replaced with a contemporary, safer material rather than wait for an accident or disaster to occur and expose your family to the dangerous asbestos fibres.

PART II: The safe way to deal with fibrous roofing materials

If you assume that you have ACM in your building, get in touch with us today. We connects clients with A-class licensed contractors who have been thoroughly vetted to ascertain their ability to deliver satisfactory results. Our expert endorsed contractors will remove the dangerous fibrous roofing material in your building, and they will undertake an extensive asbestos testing procedure in your property before doing any roof removal Adelaide jobs.

Why choose our members…

  1. Your safety is our highest priority
  2. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable
  3. They do all types of projects – big and small
  4. They provide excellent services at competitive prices

#1: We are committed to your health and safety: this is why we only give the endorsement to highly skilled and experienced contractors who get the job done safely and effectively. If you are looking for a removalist who is time conscious, detail oriented, and committed to your health safety; then search no further. We are the perfect place to find such removalists.

#2: When you choose our approved contractors, you don’t have to go through the hassle, as our members are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Their team of specialists has vast experience in delivering projects for a broad spectrum of clients including commercial, residential, and industrial properties. They have the resources and expertise to complete projects of all sizes and complexity.

#3: Our A-class licensed contractors do all type of work and control the schedule, cost, and quality to fit your needs. They can handle all scope of projects, starting from an initial inspection to a complete asbestos removal in Adelaide. They will stage your project in the right order to ensure everything is conducted properly and on schedule. The resume and reputation of our endorsed members speaks for itself. Because of their emphasis of fulfilling all clients’ needs, our customers keep coming back to them for all their service needs.

#4: Our endorsed members aim to deliver excellent services at competitive prices. They know exactly how to deliver the project on schedule and within your spending budget. The total cost to perform a cap removal work varies between different properties and depends on several factors.

The total cost will be based on:

  • The amount of materials required
  • Projects complexity
  • Location of the doubtful materials within the roofing structure
  • The quality of the replacement material

These factors determine the amount of energy and time that our removalists have to spend, and this is reflected in the total cost for you. To get an insight of the total cost of your project, we need you to contact our endorsed contractors first so they can provide you with a customized quote according to your inquiries.

PART III: Services provided by our A-class licensed members

Removing roofing materials is a complicated procedure and must be performed only by a licensed removalist who has specialised training to handle ACM. An improper procedure may increase the risk of exposure to you and people around you. Our approved members offer extensive services for a safe handling of ACM roofs.

Service #1: A thorough inspection of your roof

Not all roofing and siding products contain fibrous materials. It’s difficult to tell whether a product is ACM or not by merely looking at it. The only way to be sure is by getting the suspected material tested via an accredited laboratory.

Our approved assessors will perform a thorough inspection of the suspected roofing and siding products that are accessible. They will come in and collect the sample to test it further via an accredited laboratory. After the sampling and testing, they will provide you with options to resolve the fibrous roofing issues.

Service #2: Removal and replacement of the supporting structures or the entire roof containing ACMs

Before the actual removal, the contractor may carry out an activity called encapsulation, which involves a technique applied to make the fiber material safe for asbestos removal Adelaide. The damaged material will be coated with a special adhesive to prevent health hazard upon removal.

After encapsulation, the contractor will undertake the roof removal process in the safest manner possible. While removing ACM from the ceiling, our specialists take the following precautionary measures:

  • Spread a plastic sheet around the property areas where roof removal Adelaide will take place.
  • Use liquid soap and water mixture to wet down the suspected material using a pump sprayer to reduce dust.
  • Seal off the area where the fibrous ceiling is being removed to keep people without safety gears away.
  • Use flat pry bar in removing the material from the top.
  • Ensure that the removed ACM roof remains wet.
  • Put the discarded roofing material in plastic bags and seal them off.
  • Seal gloves and protective clothing used in removing the ACM roof in plastic bags before disposing of them properly.
  • When required, they can also check and replace the old roof with a new material of your choice

Service #3: Disposal of hazardous waste

Transportation and disposal of harmful waste are another critical processes to ensure the completion of the project. Our approved members will dispose of the waste safely at a legal landfill approved by the Adelaide city council and give you a written report. All the transportation and disposal procedure will be carried out in accordance with national and local regulations.

PART IV: Your roof solution is only a call away

If you are planning to remove fibrous roofing and siding materials from your property, get in touch with us today! We offers you A-class licensed contractors for your commercial, government, and residential properties in the greater Adelaide region.

Our approved members offer vast and extensive services starting from a thorough inspection until a complete removal of the entire roof – completely and safely in the fastest way.

They strive to deliver excellent roof removal Adelaide services following your spending budget. They will also handle the transportation and disposal of hazardous waste to a legal facility approved by the city council. Check Adelaide asbestos management plan guide here.

Our endorsed contractors are extensively trained and highly skilled to achieve effective roof replacement works. They use new and modern technology to ensure the quality of the removal process. Our approved members aim to provide the maximum protection for you, your family, and your employees. Over the years, they have met our clients’ expectations by delivering the desired results.

The solution for your roofing problems is only a call away. Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors to ensure a safe and complete asbestos roof removal in Adelaide.