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Asbestos: The hidden danger in your backyard

South Australia, according to the EPA record, has around 1,000 actual (or potentially) asbestos-contaminated land sites . The contamination can be resulted by an improper demolition, illegal asbestos dumping or foreign contaminated fill being brought in during a construction period.

When considering the development strategy for metropolitan Adelaide and the subsequent land pressures, the redevelopment of contaminated land and the requirement for the reuse of remediation soils is likely to become more prevalent. – Zero Waste

South Australia has historically maintained a prevalence towards the disposal and excavation of contaminated soils to landfill, when removing the contaminated land. In south Australia, the remediation of low level and high level contaminated soil for reuse is a priority for action.

Professional Asbestos Soil Remediation Service in Adelaide

Handling a site that contains asbestos materials may be tricky and complicated. There are multiple legal requirements and regulations surrounding the asbestos removal and disposal or contaminated soil. If you found or discovered an asbestos-containing material (ACM) in your yard, it is the best to call a professional to do an inspection process.

Asbestos Watch Adelaide endorses highly-skilled, experienced and competent contractors who offer asbestos soil remediation Adelaide services – at value costs. Our contractor members always ensure that the jobs are done appropriately and in compliance with relevant codes of practices and legislations. We proud in our members’ ability to remove contaminated soils, especially fibrous materials in the greater Adelaide region.

Trust your contaminated site problems to our contractors! Any issues related to contaminated ground will be solved totally. Get in touch with out members and get free quotes today. They will always happy to serve you.

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Inspect your site now!

If you own an older building that was renovated or demolished, then your bakcyard or garden may have contaminated soil. It is highly possibly that during the  renovation or demolition project, ACMs were not disposed of correctly. The fibrous materials might have been buried intact, mixed with other wastes or even imported to another land as a ground fill materials or recycled products.

Non-friable or Friable materials are present in ground at depth (greater than 0.5 meters below the ground surface), unless it is for the site remediation, redevelopment or site management purposes.

Be aware! Your building products may contaminate your yard. Fibrous roofing, floor tiles and tiles are some products that may contain ACMs.

Why you need a site inspection:

  • People who reside in a contaminated area might be affected by hazardous airborne fibres.
  • A prolonged exposure to fibrous materials may trigger the development of numerous aggressive diseases such as lung cancers and mesothelioma.
  • Implementing correct control measures is a wise way to protect people from potential health hazards.


Removing contaminated soils safely

Cement sheets or pipes are the most common form of asbestos materials that can be found in your home. Those materials are often called fibro. The danger from fibro products arises when fibres are generated and breathed in. This is why you need to keep the fibro materials wet when you are cleaning up. You also need to be careful to minimize further damages of the fibro sheets or other activities that can generate fibres.

Removal requirements for fibro products:

  • If the fibro materials around your house are not more that 10 square meters, then you can do the removal process by yourself.
  • But, if the materials are larger than 10 square meters, then you should hire licensed removalist to do the job.

Keep in mind: DIY attempts can be dangerous! You must follow certain requirements, use proper tools, and wear appropriate equipment for the removal process. You need to consult a professional first. It is not an easy procedure to do. If you are unsure on how to do the work safely, then you must hire a licensed asbestos removalist.

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The solution for your contaminated soil problem

If you suspect or have discovered evidence of ACM presence at your site, do not hesitate, call our approved contractors immediately.

Our endorsed members provide asbestos soil remediation Adelaide services as follow:


1. Fast and accurate pre-inspection

Asbestos contamination in the soil is impossible to be recognized by naked eyes. Though, you may still manage to find fibres or fibro sheetings buried in the soil. If you suspect your land has fibrous materials, you have to call a professional right away! Contact our class-A licensed contractors immediately for the best remediation soil services.

With class-A licensed and highly skilled, our members are committed to deliver excellent services to provide clients the desired results. Their vast experiences make you rest assured to hand your remediation soil jobs over to them.

Our approved specialists may schedule a pre-inspection first. They will collect sampling in the suspected area to determine the amount of contamination at your site. If needed, our contractors will arrange a complete asbestos testing at your ground.


2. Remediation Process

After a pre-inspection, our specialists will discuss with you the most appropriate soil remediation service that suits your needs. They will provide you with exceptional services at value costs. Control plan will be made to ensure that the project keeps on track. The level of contamination will determine how the fibre removal process will be performed; whether by hand or by using machines.

Do not remove any equipment from the contaminated area. It is to ensure that everyone near the area stays safe prior to remediation. The building occupants can still do their normal activities until our contractors perform a complete removal process.


3. Transportation and disposal process to a legal landfill

During the transportation process to a legal dumping facility, all dangerous materials will be put in sealed bags and treated properly. The waste will be disposed of in an approved EPA licensed landfil.

Once the process is done, our approved members will hand you the disposal report. You can rest assured that the project is done in accordance with national and local legislation. Only trust our class-A contractors on a safely soil remediation Adelaide services.

Read guidelines for soil remediation:

If you suspect that your garden or backyard contain fibres, do not wait! Call our members right away. Asbestos Watch Adelaide will connect you to class-A licensed contractors who provide exceptional asbestos soil remediation Adelaide services.

They have been trained, are knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled. They are also equipped with new and modern equipment. Our endorsed members will analyze the level of contamination in your property. They can do all scale of jobs; whether in a commercial or a residential setting.

You can feel at ease since all works will be conducted in the safest manner according to national and local regulations. Trust your soil remediation projects to our approved removalists.

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