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If you own a property that was built in Adelaide before 1990, it is highly likely that it will contain asbestos. It is difficult to say whether a material contains asbestos or not just by simply looking at it. A thorough inspection by a qualified assessor can identify the presence of asbestos within your building.

Only competent personnel know what to look for. Upon your request, Asbestos Watch Adelaide will come in and determine the existence of asbestos in your property. We will do sample collection and perform the asbestos testing Adelaide process via a NATA accredited laboratory.

What we offer:

  • We will perform an asbestos testing Adelaide process by thorough inspection of your building starting from the roof until beneath the floor.
  • We offer extensive asbestos testing Adelaide services that include the identification of asbestos material in bulk products, company survey, and air monitoring when required.
  • We employ new and modern technology to perform asbestos testing Adelaide via an accredited

Rest assured that we conduct all asbestos testing Adelaide processes in accordance with national and local applicable codes and guideline. When it comes to detecting and inspecting asbestos materials, it is best to contact Asbestos Watch Adelaide.

Asbestos could be anywhere in your house

Before it was banned, asbestos was used for over 2000 years in residential, public, industrial and commercial buildings. This means that there are many buildings in Australia that contain asbestos. In Adelaide, asbestos is found in different products including fireproofing, thermal insulation, building materials and electrical insulation. Asbestos products were in use in Adelaide even in the late 1990s. Some industrial and commercial buildings were either built or renovated using products that contain asbestos materials.

Unsure if you have asbestos in your building? The only way to be sure if your building has asbestos is by getting it tested via a NATA certified laboratory. Below, you can find some reasons why you need to contact a competent contractor to perform asbestos testing Adelaide.

Whenever you are undertaking renovations in an older building in Australia, you are most likely to come across asbestos materials. If your house was constructed before 1984, there is a high probability that it will contain asbestos.

Briefly, you need to take action if these two situations happen to you:

  1. You have a plan to renovate your property or perform demolition jobs, and the city council needs you to fill in a survey.
  2. You suspect some materials in your house might contain asbestos.

Over 5000 deaths are caused by asbestos every year. When young people have routine exposure to asbestos, their risk of developing asbestos-related diseases is increased.

“Generally, the major health risks that are associated with asbestos exposure include mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.” – ADSSA

Symptoms of most asbestos-related diseases take between 15 and 60 years to develop following the exposure. This means that the effects of these diseases will not be detected immediately but later in the life of a person. This is why you should have your building inspected for asbestos and hiring an expert to remove it professionally.

The regulation stated that you could collect the sample for asbestos testing Adelaide purposes on your own if you live in a single house. But you should always keep in mind that working with asbestos is dangerous and physically demanding.

  • There is a risk of falling when you work in high places or use a ladder.
  • It is also dangerous to work near electrical circuit since you are working with water to moisten the suspected asbestos material at your house.
  • Even under the best circumstances, unexpected things can happen and threaten your safety.

If you suspect that your building has asbestos materials, contact a professional contractor for a comprehensive inspection, removal and cleanup. 

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Our asbestos testing Adelaide services

You should not attempt to handle asbestos materials yourself. It is an extremely harmful substance that should only be handled by the experts.

We provide asbestos testing Adelaide services as follow:

Asbestos Watch Adelaide consists of asbestos removalists and technicians that are certified and accredited to collect samples from your building in a reliable manner. Our team will collect all layers of the suspected material, whether from your roofing or fencing products, to obtain a representative laboratory result. We will collect the sample carefully to ensure that you’re not exposed to asbestos.

Here are the steps that may be carried out by our team to collect the sample:

  1. We always use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as P2 dust mask, a respirator, and gloves
  2. Use a wet cleaner to prevent dust release from the suspected asbestos material
  3. Collect the sample carefully with a special tool and put it in a sealable plastic bag
  4. Use a wet wipe to clean the tool and then seal it inside the plastic bags
  5. Place the sample inside of another container
  6. After sampling, we will use a paint or tape to seal broken materials

Only a laboratory test can prove the presence or absence of asbestos fibres in any material. The applicable testing standard is the Australian Standard AS 4964. This is a qualitative identification method for bulk asbestos samples. It entails viewing asbestos fibres under a microscope with a polarized light under varying conditions. This Method is used to confirm the presence of asbestos and its type, whether friable or non-friable.

After the asbestos testing Adelaide process, the results may prove the presence of any of the following asbestos type:

  • Amosite (Brown asbestos)
  • Chrysotile (White asbestos)
  • Crocidolite (Blue asbestos)

Once the presence of asbestos is confirmed, we will then record all the areas that contain asbestos. This is done to make it easy for us to know the places that require special attention. We can further discuss the next step in terms of its removal with you.

We can perform site decontamination process to satisfy national and local requirements. The decontamination procedure may include:

  • Providing assistance to determine the proper decontamination methods. We will take several factors, such as time and economic issues, into account.
  • Desterilization of all equipment, tools, and facilities used for asbestos testing Adelaide projects.
  • Transportation and disposal of toxic waste to a legal landfill site.
  • Air monitoring to ensure that the contaminated area is safe for reoccupation.

Why do you need to contact us?

  1. Excellent asbestos testing Adelaide services at competitive prices: Whether you need asbestos testing Adelaide in commercial, residential, and government settings; we know what it takes to deliver the project on time and within your spending budget. Through the years, we have provided our clients with excellent asbestos testing Adelaide services at competitive costs.
  2. We conduct all work in accordance with national and local regulations: If you need to inspect, check, remove or other related services involving asbestos materials in a government building, you need the services of professionals who know all the compliance and legislative requirements that have been set by the government. Those are the type of professionals that you are going to get when you are contacting Asbestos Watch Adelaide.
  3. We do all types of projects – big and small: We do all type of asbestos testing Adelaide work and control the schedule, cost, and quality to fit your needs. We can handle all scope of projects, starting from an initial inspection to a complete asbestos removal in Adelaide. We will stage your project in the right order to ensure everything is conducted properly and on schedule. Our reputation speaks for itself. Because of our emphasis on fulfilling all clients’ needs, our customers keep coming back to us for all their service needs.

We offer comprehensive asbestos testing Adelaide services starting from sample collection until site decontamination. We have worked in many government, commercial, and residential properties. When seeking a competent and reliable contractor to identify asbestos materials within your property, look for Asbestos Watch Adelaide.

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