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Conducting an Asbestos Testing Procedure For Your Property

Imagine that you have lived in a house which a deadly silent killer is always lurking you around and feeding on your health. It would be surprising to find out the fact that something has been growing inside your body and when you realize it, it is already too late to handle it.

asbestos test Adelaide

For that reason, be aware of what’s in your house, particularly, if you live in Adelaide area. There’s a silent killer who may endanger your life. Its named is asbestos. You may need to check and inspect whether your house is safe from the fibrous element or not. You can check it by conducting an asbestos testing Adelaide procedure for your property. But, before talking too far about the procedure, let’s get to know this fibre element first.

Asbestos is silicate minerals which formed in nature and known for its versatility and ability as insulating properties. More about asbestos read here.

Australia is one of the countries in the world with numerous cases of asbestos-caused diseases, particularly malignant mesothelioma. There are 638 deaths from mesothelioma in 2012 and more in the following years. How did this happen? It happens because of the extensive fiber substance exploitation in the 1930s. Despite, fibrous material is banned these days, unfortunately, there are many buildings contain the dangerous material until now. Properties constructed before 1990 is likely to be contaminated with ACM.

ACM are commercially categorized as follows:

A. Non-friable (bonded) type is ACM which don’t crumble easily because of the mixture of fibre element hardening with other material such as cement.
Bonded products:

  • Asphalt roofing shingles or roll roofing,
  • Cement roofing shingles or tiles,
  • Roof patching cement,
  • Cement sidings,
  • Vinyl or asphalt floor tiles, sheet flooring (unless it has paper “felt” fused to the back).
  • Cement sheets around fireplaces, wood stoves, and boilers,
  • Tape and insulation sealing hot-air registers.

B. Friable type is the type of ACM that is fragile and easy to crumble or break. That’s why this ACM is the dangerous kind of fiber material. Example of friable products:

  • Roofing felts,
  • Loose or batt insulation,
  • Insulation board on walls,
  • Pipe coverings,
  • Paper felt underlayment for flooring,
  • Mastic adhesives for vinyl floors, carpets, and ceiling tiles,
  • Spackle or patching compound.

If you have those products on your property and concern about the situation, do not worry about it and contact a professional to help you with your situation.

We can help you in finding a certified experienced contractor to overcome your ACM problems. It’s because we specialized in endorsing asbestos removal contractors and related needs. Each contractor under Asbestos Watch Adelaide registers through a tight selection and evaluation. So, you will only find a qualified, authorized, and reliable removalist. No more hassles in looking the best top removalists. We are capable of handling all your ACM problems. Call our endorsed contractors Today!

If you find ACM in your home, do not remove or engage with the material by yourself. Though if you assume that you may have ACM in your home, ask a professional to help analyze and examine the material. It’s unlikely to identify fiber element just by simply looking into it.

For the safest result, before hiring a removalist and spending a lot of money on removal process, you can try contact a professional to do an asbestos testing Adelaide procedure in your house. A consultant will help gather and collect a sample from your ACM safely. They know where to look and how to do it in a safer way.

We all know that fibrous substance is dangerous material. For that reason, all work involving the fiber element is not a “Do It Yourself” job. Conducting asbestos testing procedure require vast knowledge and proper equipment. There is safety check that should be done to minimize the inhalation of fiber substance when collecting a sample.

Nowadays, there are many asbestos testing kits sold in a hardware store, but as we know a professional will do handle it well. The asbestos testing kit contains all of the protective clothing and safety gear to help gather the fiber sample. Actually, the home test kit just includes some simple equipment for gathering and collecting a fibrous element sample, plus a certificate or reference to have the sample tested at an accredited laboratory. If you are going to gather the sample by yourself, then consider to take these following safety steps:

  1. Wear all the protective equipment before performing the procedure, such as a P2 respirator, P2 gloves, safety spectacles, spray bottle, P2 zip lock and trash bags, drop sheet, pliers or cutter, and other safety gears needed. Do not take off your safety equipment before the procedure is completed.
  2. Turn off any of your fan or air conditioners. It’s to avoid any fibers going airborne.
  3. Dampen or wet the work area where the sample is going to be taken.
  4. Take the sample by cutting the material, or if there is a loose part from the ACM, you can pull it carefully with pliers. If you unexpectedly find friable substance, be careful when you take the sample. For the asbestos testing Adelaide, it requires a 100gr of sample (about one teaspoon) for the procedure.
  5. Place the sample you’ve gathered into the zip lock bag and double bag your sample.
  6. Cover the area where sampling process was taken with PVA glue.
  7. Wipe all the equipment that used in the process, the area, and the drop sheet with the wet towel.
  8. Put all the protective gears (gloves, respirator, etc) and the wet cloth or towel to the trash bag and double bag your waste.

The fiber material is dangerous right after we inhale the tiny substance. To avoid the fiber exposure, it’s better to hire a professional asbestos consultant to help you conduct a safe asbestos testing Adelaide procedure. We the right place for you to discover a right consultant or removalist for your ACM problems.

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