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Consider This Before Doing Renovation

If you plan to renovate your house anytime soon, please check the history of your house first. You probably wonder what the connection between house renovation and the history of the house is. Well, it is because older houses in Australia mostly contain asbestos.

Australia has a long history when it comes to asbestos. It was after the world war two that asbestos started being mined and produced as housing products. Asbestos, which is found mostly in Australian houses built prior to 1990, becomes a dangerous legacy to the people and environment.

Australia was one of the highest users of asbestos in the world.

So, if your house was built or renovated in the mid-1980s, it is most likely to be contained with asbestos. That is why before start doing any house renovation you have to know when your house was built.


Consider This Before Doing Renovation


What should I do if my house was an older house?

Your house needs to be tested. Ask a professional to do a survey. You can choose one from three types of asbestos surveys.

  • Type 1 is a type of a survey that only covers inspection of location and asbestos products
  • Type 2 is a type of a survey that performs not only inspection and assessment but also collecting samples and test them in an accredited lab.
  • Type 3 is an asbestos audit. You will get an official report containing information about asbestos-containing materials, summarising the present condition of the materials and providing control plan and proposed steps that should be taken

From all those three types of surveys, type 3 is the most expensive one but it can provide you with a long-term plan. You can take care the material in advance and protect your family and neighbourhood from the danger of asbestos.

If you want to be certain about the presence of asbestos in your home, then you have to do asbestos testing. When you plan to hire a removalist, be very careful during the selection. Recent news informed about a trickery done by a removalist. They charge the client some fee for the testing but did not test the sample in a lab.


Do check and recheck! Make sure the removalist was accredited and has a license for performing the testing.

Once you received the result of the test, and it was confirmed that there is asbestos in your house, next is you need to remove the material. The asbestos in your house needs to be removed immediately. If it is badly weathered or accidently disturbed, it can release fibres.

The fibre can get airborne and inhaled by people. If it gets into your lungs and cannot be removed by your body, in a very long period it can cause some diseases related to asbestos, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.


Things related to asbestos removal:

  • Asbestos removal is best handled by an expert although it is also allowed to be done by individuals or homeowners.
  • If individual wishes to perform DIY for asbestos removal, it is recommended for the person to take some courses or training on handling asbestos removal.
  • He or she also needs to have some knowledge about asbestos and how to handle it if there is some accident during the process of removal.


Even though hiring a licensed removalist will require you to pay some costs, it is the best choice for assuring that the job will be done properly in compliance with the local and national regulations, and to keep your family safe from potential health risks!

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