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How To Solve The Biggest Problem With Asbestos in Adelaide

Are you overwhelmed with the asbestos problem in your properties? If yes, then this article is the solution for you. Knowing the fiber material dominates your house is a dangerous situation. There are many problems would arise because of the tiny fibers. But, first, before we proceed too far, let’s resolve the biggest question about the fibrous substance.

asbestos problem Adelaide

Is asbestos capable of killing you?

The answer is yes, the material capable of killing you. The worst part is it has the potential to be the silent killer within your home. A silent killer who won’t get noticed by anybody. It is because the element may lay secretly within your properties. Now, how about we try to acknowledge the unknown and noiseless material.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance. A material that needs to be handled properly. The object comes from a mineral substance that made from tiny fibers. The distinctive of the substance is approximately 500-700 times smaller than a human hair.

Due to its width, we may say that the fibers can not be identified without tools.

The asbestos-containing material (ACM) is the real problem, it’s a silent killer.


It’s because the fiber element may get into our body silently without we knowledge it. When the ACM product gets damaged, the tiny fibers within the product capable of going airborne.

Now, you will wonder, why the fibers are dangerous?

The fibers are dangerous because that small element may get into our body and harm our body organ. Especially our lung. When the fibers spread out in the air, we likely to inhale the substances. The element that is lodged in our body will lead us to a disease after 10 years or more of the exposure. So, the fibers may kill you (at a particular time), here is the explanation in detail about the asbestos material.

Inspection and Testing procedure

If you are wondering whether your property contains ACM product, better check it in the lab, or read the asbestos checking page. The lab will do the analysis to determine the ACM in your house. If you are looking for the laboratories to analyze your sample, try to contact the National Association of Testing Authorities or visiting

If the result comes back positive, consider some the information below.

Step by Step To Solve Your Asbestos Problems

Try to do these things to help you act accordingly.

1. Understand what kind of fibrous element install in your house. Is it friable or non-friable substance? If the fibrous stuff in your house is a non-friable type and in good condition (undamaged and undisturbed), the best choice is to leave it alone. But, if the ACM in your house is a friable material, do not disturb it at all. Advisable to contact a professional removalist to conduct a safe procedure.

2. If its non-friable, you may remove it by yourself, but we DO NOT RECOMMEND this options. Based on government regulation, an unlicensed person may remove the non-friable object. But, with appropriate and safe work procedures. And merely under 10 square meters of non-friable (asbestos cement) in a position that may remove. Distinctively products with non-friable fibers are asbestos cement sheets and pitch-based electrical switchboards.

If your non-friable product is undamaged and you decide to leave it that way. Make sure that you visually monitor the product periodically, to avoid any damage or deterioration. If you want the ACM to stay undisturbed, remember DO NOT drill, hammer, cut, saw, break, damage, move any of your fiber products.

3. If its friable object and over 10 square meters, the ACM MUST be removed by an experienced and professional contractor. You need to perform a safe asbestos removal. Classic items using friable so far are asbestos lagging, sprayed insulation, millboard, felt and woven asbestos matting.

Here some of the “hot spot” areas may contain fibrous element (both friable and non-friable / bonded);

  • Cement Siding, Air Conditioner or FAC, Fibrous Cement Sheets.
  • Wall whether it is external or internal and ceilings mostly use cement siding inside it.
  • Vinyl tiling beneath the carpet, cement wall lining, corrugated cement roof.
  • A cement roof of vent pipe vinyl tiles.
  • Cement sheet walls.
  • Warm water pipes within the wall might use fiber insulation around them.
  • Ceilings.
  • Vinyl floor tiles/sheets and the back of cushion vinyl flooring
  • Underlay layer of ceramic tiles
  • Insulation in wood heaters/cement layer under wood heater fireplace bricks and between flue layers
  • Cement sheeting in walls.

4. If you want to hire a professional and an experienced removalist, confirm your removalist licensed. There are two types of removal license. Free or unrestricted license (License A) and Limited or restricted (License B). The license describes what kind of work the removalist could do. The Class A license is the license which the removalist may do all the work of asbestos removal in Adelaide. And capable of handling all of the fiber types (friable and non-friable). The Class B license is the license which the removalist has a limited area to deal with the fibrous element. The Class B license contractor only able to work with the bonded material.

5. After hiring a contractor, better evacuate your whole family before do the thorough asbestos removal process.

The cost of asbestos removal in Adelaide is varies based on four things;

a. The locations where the removal will be done.
b. The amount of the material that needed to remove.
c. The obstacles surrounding the work area.
d. How big the removal is going to be done.

Here some of the checklist you better do before do the asbestos removal in Adelaide;

– Check the removalist contractor licensed.
– Check the removalist’s safety record.
– Check how long they have been handled the project.
– Check if your contractor protected by insurance.

Disposal of Fiber Waste

Before talk more about the carcinogenic waste site in Adelaide, let’s understand first what is the fibrous waste. Fibrous waste is all removed material contain fiber element and disposable products used throughout the removal work, for example:

  1. Plastic sheeting which was accustomed to conceal surfaces throughout the removal work area,
  2. Disposable coveralls,
  3. Disposable respirators,
  4. Rags employed for cleaning.

When you are going to remove the waste, better do it at the disposal sites licensed by EPA. The disposal process of your fiber junk must be done as soon as possible and only at the location that has been approved by the local council.

If you want to know more how you do the disposal accordingly and how much it will cost, you better contact your local council.

If you are going to dispose of your waste to the council’s approved site, do not forget to double bagged the waste in a trailer. If you prefer uncomplicated disposal, better use a placement or disposal service. There are licensed waste removal companies to help you in collecting and removing the carcinogen waste for you. They will provide bins and container for your waste. Check the Adelaide asbestos waste area here.

So, the answer on how to solve the biggest problem with fibrous substance is by having a full understanding of fiber material and how to remove it safely. ACM is not a frightening content, as long as we understand how to handle it correctly.

The best interest is having your ACM remove by a professional contractor, not only contractor with licensed but also an experienced one. Having your asbestos remove is like having a tumor in your body, you need the expertise to remove it entirely and in a right way. So, it will not haunt you back. So as the fiber substance in your property.

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