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Tips & Trick on How To Do Asbestos Roof Removal Like A Pro

The fiber roofing is goods that widely used in Australia. That is reflected from the number of ACM roof removal contractor which keep increasing. If you found ACM as roofing material in your house, remember to DO NOT work or remove it by yourself. A removal procedure is not as easy as it may look.

tips trick roof asbestos removal in Adelaide

For your information, one of the commercial products that often utilize fiber substance is asbestos corrugated sheets. Fiber substance is an element which utilized in the corrugated roofing material, and we may found it in many garages and sheds products.

The fibrous material in corrugated roofing also may found in industrial structures and numerous rural farms. A terrible news is it was also utilized in countless home roofing.

When talks about fibrous substance, never assume anything, better think it is dangerous to have asbestos-containing material (ACM) hanging around your house.

How to distinguish roof contain fiber with the non-fiber roof?

It’s better to call or seek help from the expert so that you can be certainly sure and confident that your roofing material is not made from the dangerous element.

Now, if you find your house use the corrugated roof, and there is moss growing on it, then it made from fibrous substance.

The fibrous roofing may become dangerous if you are planning on doing any work involves drilling, cutting or removing.

Contact a professional before you are going to do any work with the ACM products.
It’s better for you to understand and have a full information of the things you are dealing before you begin.

Tips and Trick On Doing A Safe Asbestos Roof Removal Adelaide

Doing asbestos removal means you are going to disturb a dangerous area.

For that reason, before you decide to do the removal, it is better to read these steps first on how to conduct a safe asbestos roof removal in Adelaide.

1. Call or contact your local council in the area, to get a licensed roof removalist, or you may find the information from Asbestos Watch Adelaide. We will help you find your desires removalist with ease.

Trick: You may get yourself quotes from several contractors to get similar prices that suit your budget best. And you may prefer to have the contractor in your area to help save some money. The roof removal in Adelaide may cost around $50 to $500, based on the types of service, the area of the service and the roof size.

Tips: REMEMBER to do background checked on your contractor. Check for the contractor’s licenses and insurance coverage.

2. Check and ensure your rooftop condition visually. Do not touch or disturb the object by yourself. Confirm if the ceiling is damaged or broken.

Trick: If it turns out your rooftop is damaged or broken, try to dampen the area with water, or cover the area with some plastic. By cover or wet the area, it may help to reduce the possibility of the fiber goes airborne.

Tips: Do the roof removal with a professional may cost some money. Try to taking the pictures of your roofing material and send them to your contractor. It may save you some money because the contractor does not have to come and check your ACM product.

3. You MUST NOT do the roof removal by yourself, EVER. Advisable to get a licensed, professional and experienced expert.

Step by Step Doing Asbestos Roof Removal in Adelaide

Having complete information involving fibrous substance and how to conduct a safe asbestos roof removal are important. Understand the process may help if your contractor does not do it the right way or just in case makes errors.

Here it is the guide on step by step doing asbestos roof removal in Adelaide; The Safe Work SA Regulations offers an in-depth outline around the procedures of removing the hazardous substance. A professional may do the removal process because the methods require specialized equipment and comprehensive measurement.

1. Prepare the work area:

Prepare the area and do the suitable preparatory measures. Doing a preparatory will help the whole process runs swimmingly and secure. The removal process needs proper access to the concern areas. A solid and accessible way must be made to help the transition process for workers and the equipment. Restriction of access is standard practice when dealing with any potentially harmful substance. A danger sign must be provided, so the surrounding people can aware of what is going on.

2. The Proper and Right Equipment:

OSHA Regulations stated that person who works with fibrous material MUST wear respiratory and protection gear during the process. A standard gear in regular renovation may be inapplicable when handling the ACM products. It is safer to use a proper gear to handle the ACM. The gear or known as the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), consists of right and suitable clothing, boots, and respiratory protective equipment for working with the ACM.

3. The Asbestos Roof Removal Adelaide Process:

  1. Mostly the removalist starts with spraying your roofing product with PVA glue. The worker may mix your roofing material with non-friable materials, such as tar, pitch, and asphalt. That is to prevent the fibers within the roof will release and go airborne.
  2. All the roof bolts are being removed from the sheets.
  3. After moved all the roof bolts, remove the ACM roof and placed in stacks.
  4. Employ another PVA glues spraying to the stacks.
  5. After every sheet of the ceiling has been stacked, the removalist will vacuum all the remaining asbestos fibers.
  6. Do the pest control when the roof is wide open.
  7. The work area needs to clean properly after the removal. You may prepare buckets of water and rugs.
  8. The rooftop that broken or damaged needs to wrap in a different bag and MUST ALWAYS be wet.
  9. Waste containers supposed to available in the workspace. Each container must be labeled as Asbestos Waste. It needed because it would be used in the carcinogenic waste disposal sites.
  10. The last step is preparing for the removal and disposal process.

4. Careful Removal and Disposal

Removing the fibrous rooftop would be different with standard roofing replacement. Dispose of an ACM product should be handled carefully.
For instance, when removed, your fiber rooftop should be lowered carefully to the ground, do not drop them away! The ACM waste MUST BE placed in waste containers and dispose of at the fiber waste landfill depends on the area. Check your local council for the authorized landfill.

Tips: Remember! Another prop like rope or webbing that utilized during the removal also has to be disposed of as fiber waste.

Basically, to remove your contaminated rooftop, like a pro, you HAVE to hire a professional one.

It’s because work with ACM product is a dangerous thing. A one must have the right permission, licenses, and thorough understanding, starting from the preparatory and assessment process, the removal procedures, to the transport and the disposal of ACM.

That is why having a depth knowledge on handling fibrous substance in safety way is a must. Handling it with proper care means you are taking good care of you and your family. You may find the guide on handling the hazardous material the right way from the SA Safework website, or you may find it here in the Asbestos Watch Adelaide community news.

Asbestos Watch Adelaide is a body site that committed to giving the public information on handling fiber material in the right way. The best part is Asbestos Watch Adelaide endorses licensed, professional, and experienced contractors so that you may choose your desired removalist effortless and without fear they might risk your family and surrounding environment safety. It’s because of all the contractors within our register through a strict evaluation and selection process. So, just make a call today and stay away from the dangerous asbestos roof.

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