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Why Do You Need To Know About Asbestos in Adelaide?

What is asbestos? Asbestos is a substance that exists within the properties and building built before the 1990s. It’s the material that made of mineral formed in nature. These are some the distinctive of the material;

asbestos aw adelaide

  1. The color of the element vary depends on the types of the substance.
  2. The element is odorless and tasteless.
  3. How big the fibers may as much as 500-700 occasions smaller sized than the usual real hair.

The exploitation of the object back to 1990s when asbestos was a profitable business. The fibrous producers spread around the globe include Australia. It utilized in many places around the world because of its ability in the household industry. The fibrous element has numerous abilities as the construction material in household industry, such as:

  • Fire resistance;
  • Good insulation;
  • Affordable;
  • It does not vaporize into the air;
  • Long-lasting material and durable.

That’s why before the danger use of asbestos known, many people utilize asbestos in their properties. Mostly the asbestos-containing material (ACM) used not only in commercial building, but also in the residential building, school, and especially workplaces.

The fiber element frequently utilized in acoustical plaster and also the component mixture on walls and ceiling. For instance:

  • Fibrous sheeting;
  • Roofing, shingles, and downpipes;
  • Fencing;
  • Thermal boards around fireplaces;
  • Under layer material in vinyl flooring tiles;
  • Water or flue pipes;
  • Gaskets in wood stoves;
  • Guttering;
  • Insulation used in stoves, hot water pipes, and heaters; and
  • Concrete formwork

How the fiber material flourished in Australia

The fiber substance has flourished in Australia since the 19th century. Australians not only a consumer of the dangerous products but also a producer. That’s why, the fibrous manufacturers in Australia spread all over the regions, like in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. Due to the hazardous substance consumption, Australia crowned as the country with the highest rates of asbestos usage and incidence of mesothelioma cases.

The fibrous substance manufacturers in Australia banned in 1985. Here are some reasons why it prohibited in some countries;

  1. The result of exposure to fiber substance can lead to several respiratory illnesses, like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma cancer.
  2. Due to its size, fiber exposure is difficult to keep off or avoided.
  3. We may accidentally inhale the fibers.
  4. The fiber inhalation is harmful especially for women, children, and smokers.

Asbestos Journey in Adelaide

ACM products rule Australia and a region which frequently utilize ACM is Adelaide. Due to the fibrous issues, local government in Adelaide has a mission to remove the substance from their field.

Based on the dangerous types of fibrous element, there are two types of ACM;

I. Non-friable or Bonded type, where the fiber element is secured inside the cement. The bonded product risk is quite low. Better let the product undisturbed.

II. Friable type is a dangerous type of fibrous element. The fibers within the product may damage and crumble into particles. This type of fiber is the one that needs to be removed by a licensed, experienced and professional asbestos removal contractor.

Further information about the fiber varieties at

In Adelaide, the building owner may and only allowed to remove the product with fiber element only up to 10 squares meters from their house.

Do not forget to wear protective equipment before doing any work involving the hazardous substance. Equip yourself with right protective equipment.

Here’re the protective equipment, you have to use:

  • Overall clothing
  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Mask (qualified for breathing while in the removal area) or P2 respirator mask with disposable cartridge
  • Pliers
  • Thick plastic to double cover the fibrous junk.
  • Sticky tape to tape the plastic bag.

For the safety of the environment, advisable to mark the waste plastic as Asbestos Waste.

So, other people will know there is an ACM waste.

If you want to discard your waste, dump it in proper waste sites approved by the EPA.
Here are the examples of EPA approved sites: (for non-friable / bonded products only)

  • Cheviot Road, Salisbury South
  • Main South Road, Maslins Beach
  • Murray Street, Thebarton
  • Virginia Road, Newton
  • Victor Harbor-Goolwa Road, Goolwa
  • Ten Chain Road, Ceduna
  • Kingswood Bore Road, Quorn
  • North Coast Rd and Kingscote
  • Mackey Rd, Loxton
  • Western Plains Road, Port Augusta

In Adelaide and other Australia’s area, it’s better to seek help from a professional and experienced contractor to conduct a safe asbestos removal Adelaide.

Asbestos Removal in Adelaide

A fibrous substance is a material with high function. Unfortunately, it has the severe impact on our body.

Thus, when the high functional material became a hazardous material?

The answer is when the ACM damaged. When it damaged, it may break into pieces of tiny fibers, and they will go airborne.

Once the fibers go airborne, they’re going to spread out in the air. The substance becomes dangerous if we rapidly inhale the fibers. In a day, a person may inhale probably 10.000 – 50.000 fibers.

The tiny fibers that we inhale capable of traveling deep into our body. The element which lodged inside our body will not be broken down or neutralize. It will stay within our body for the rest of our life and soon to be harming our bodies.

After you understand that fiber is a hazard material, now what you should do is to remove the thread. The thread that may be silently killing you.

Here some things you may consider before doing the asbestos removal Adelaide;

1. Check your house whether it contains the hazardous material or not. Mostly, homes built prior to the 1990s. Better to check your house (even it is not built before the 1990s). There is a possibility that your house may contain ACM element.

2. Send the fibrous material sample from your home to the lab. Better conduct the sample analysis in a laboratory and conducted by a professional.

3. After getting the inspection result and your home contains fiber material, you should contact removalist. A professional and experienced removal contractor to perform a safe asbestos removal Adelaide.

4. Before let the removalist do the job, check the license of your removalist. What kind of licensed your removalist owns? Based on WHS Regulations, there are two types of licenses a removalist should own, class A and class B.

a. Companies with Class A license means the removalist may remove all kinds of fibrous element (friable and non-friable element)
b. Companies with Class B license means the removalist only able to getting rid of the non-friable or bonded element.

5. Let the contractor do the job to get rid the ACM from your house.
6. Do not forget to evacuate your family while the removalist worked.

If you wonder how much the removalist company will charge the cleanup process, here’s the information you may need:

Asbestos removal Adelaide will cost approximately $50 per square meter.

But, the rate is determined by numerous factors, including:

1. The task scope and impossibility. For instance, a steeply sloping roof is much more hard to remove than the usual simple shed roof.

2. The space towards the tip and tipping costs. Tipping costs start at approximately $450 and could be much greater.

3. Large sheets of fibrous substances are simpler to get rid of than considerable amounts of smaller sized materials. Some removalists estimate the cost of eliminating sheets at $35 per sheet.

To get a more accurate estimation on the asbestos removal Adelaide, you can contact the removalist that you’re going to hire. Find a licensed removalist is easy but finding a right, reliable, and trusted contractor to overcome your fiber problems is not simple. Asbestos Watch Adelaide is the right place to help you in finding accredited, professional, and reliable asbestos removal contractors and related services.

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